the McKee family, who terrorized the Parrish family for 5+ years!

Photos to be added soon.

The lay of the land

Here is a map showing the neighborhood. You will see that one must drive past the McKee home (shown as the "A" in green) to get to the Parrish home (shown as the "B" in red).  There is no other way in or out of the Parrish property.

Here is a link to my dream home, which my family had to leave because of the persistent, stressful environment created by the McKee harassment.

Here is a letter from the Pediatrician for my children, recommending that they be removed from the stressful environment created by the McKee harrassment.

documentary proof

These, by all means, are not all the documents that prove that Mr. McKee terrorized my family for over 5 years.  These merely scratch the surface.  

Click HERE for copies of the documentary proof.

For more information, please contact:

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department

The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, Forrest K. Wegge

The Office the 23rd Judicial Circuit Clerk

         (Yes folks, Jeanette McKee works in the very office that holds many of these files, and more) 

Can we trust Jeanette McKee not to "lose" anything to protect her husband, Randy McKee (or, more officially, Randell Dean McKee)?

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Just the facts!